Sunday, March 29, 2015

Proposed: a new official State Toast for North Carolina

The New State Toast

Here’s to the home of the billboard blight
Which sprout like weeds both day and night
Where trailer parks sprawl outside the gates
Of McMansionvilles in the Old North State

Here’s to the land of the builder’s buck
Where the trout and his friends are out of luck
Where Chuck Koch has bought the vote
And caught poor DENR by the throat    

Here’s to the land of boom and bust
Leaving our parks to close and rust
While begging others to send us trash
So lobbyists can make some cash

Here’s to the land of the coal ash pit
Where toxic sludge is allowed to sit
While Rucho calls all those frackers here
To give their cash and bend his ear

Who needs Yucca Mountain, we have Jones Street
Pile all that waste beneath their feet
Maybe then their toes will feel the heat

Of the Hell we’re headed for, tout suite.

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